My Story

HempShare is the brain-child of “Hemp Patrick” / “Ras Merkabah” and the result of his path through life to find his ‘Self’ and answer the question: “Who Am I?”.

Answer: I Am Cannabis™

My story begins with a tumultuous relationship with an Angelic Intuitive. As an empathetic Intuitive my ‘Self’, was left with a degraded “ileum” due to many factors. I would summarize as Pharmaceuticals, Soft Drinks, Fast Food and stress.

At some point in my childhood I remember having bowel problems. Certain foods would upset my system balance. Normally, I was near a bathroom and could easily take care of this. A few times I was not so lucky and literally “shit my pants”. I have always been socialable and a friend to many, so anything that limited me in this capacity was unsettling. However, nothing even registered really.

One night around 1972-74 (I remember the Cheverolet station wagon) my dad took us to the Lindner’s Ice Cream store on East 38th Street. My Grandfather lived off 38th Street and the neighborhood wasn’t bad at the time. I can’t recall exactly what I had, but on the drive home…it had me. I crapped my pants and remember it smelled bad. It sucked. I was young and never told my parents. I just dealt with it. As the fourth son in a family of seven…you just deal with shit. I never knew how much a trooper I am, but as I reflect back…I rock!

Anyway, fast forwards and I have a problem with my gut. I call the doctor and he tells me to get in to see him NOW!. It is friday about 3:00 p.m. I go to see him at 4:30 p.m. and he gets me in immediately (he pronounced my father passed, and is a family friend.) I cut his grass and babysat his kids when he was an intern and in residency. Once he concluded my issue was not Appendicitis-related he told me I need to get a CT Scan. I responded: “Can I do it on Monday” he pushed me back against the wall and said: “Do it now” then called to get me in for a CT Scan – IMMEDIATELY. Like at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday night.

I never felt mortal in my life before. I always professed I was not afraid of death, however, I was never pit for my survival like this. So I headed to the center to get scanned. I did my thing and they scanned me. Doc called about 9:30 p.m. and said you have an Inflamed Ileum and you need to see a specialist next week. I went to see the Gastroenterologist, tops in his class, and his first question: “So why are you here” put me off, but nearly as much as: “…the last thing I would do is change your diet”. Meanwhile, my thoughts were that yogurt was one of the only ways I was getting relief.

My conclusion: They killed my father, so I’m going to try another route.

I was wasting away, and also endurance bicycling. So I was increasing the cycle by which my body processed, but I was not getting enough fuel in to cover what I needed. I had to look for a new diet to meet my fuel intake needs. I began to use a endurance fuel by Hammer Nutrition Products because it was all-natural and did not contain folic acid which would bind with Sulfasalazine and render it ineffective. So I took my prescription for 120 days and felt no change. I had some side-effects probably of bleeding in my stools and I had enough of that.

One day I was in the health food store. I saw: Hulled Hempseed on the shelf from Rocky Mountain Grain company – Roger Snow. I purchased a sample pack and went home to read the information on their website. I was impressed with the nutritional value as I had just began to educate myself on Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fat – Nutrition 101. Roger had a good narrative about his own experience, and I figured I should try eating it.

After 7 days, I found a notable difference in my general feelings. At 30 days I had purged a lot of impacted waste and decided to have a hamburger. The result was the most putrid excrement. It smelled gross and cleaning up was so much a mess compared to the plant food. I ate another 6 months and really began to halt my degradation. At this point I decided to purchase the 5lbs bags and up my intake. For the next year I ate nearly 5lbs of hempseed and almost as much Raw Honey a month. I began to research more and more and found “Hemp As A Medicament” where I learned to make Edezyme™, a Czech pre-war medicinally-accepted treatment for Tuberculosis. From here the can of worms opened up.

HempShare began as a means to house all my research and share it with you all. I found that many people were using my information and work for nothing more than to learn how to make products and just go join the ESTABLISHED ECONOMY without making a contribution to advocating the TRUTH. After amassing several gigabite of data Godaddy, thank you Bob for letting me abuse the capacity limits (1GB) and I had 3GB before finally shutting down my site. I have not had the time to rebuild it and repost the data until now.

As the “new” HempShare emerges we are going to begin a near era with a few “products” of our own. HOWEVER, HempShare store will be a different concept for food with a Tom’s® twist.