HempShare began as a repository of Hemp Research during my quest to save my own life.

As our audience has become educated and advocate on their own they now do much of the original work of introducing Hemp to new consumers.

We have graduated HempShare.com and this site is now set up to fund raise for hempshare.org so everything is not a net-loss out-of-pocket operation.  We do love hemp, but at some point we will go broke without donations or some outside source.  We have chosen to use a method that does not incur additional costs and also give opportunity to many merchants and or manufacturers to participate.  We also take product donations that are “New With Tags” and available for retail sale.

See: My Story for an explanation how I went from Alcoholic executive to Crystal-rubbing, Eating 5lbs of Hemp a Month in less than 30-days.

Now after five (5) years we are graduating to the next phase.

Tom’s Hemp™