This is how you know your butter is “ready” – Decarboxylated (meaning the Oxygen is being released and you can see this in the foaming butter.)

This is what your plant material will look like if you were patient – Decarboxylated (meaning the Carbon is released and you can see this in the browned plant material.)

Here is the full video. The beginning just shows the trichomes releasing and the butter starting to “roll” as it heats. Keep the temp below 140-160 Celsius and you have psycho-active butter. Keep the temp under 108 Celsius or there-about and the THC-A will remain in its acidic form. (This is very effective on the gut.)


The term “decarboxylation” literally means removal of the COOH (carboxyl group) and its replacement with a proton.


Decarboxylation of THCA-A begins around 112 C and the acid is completely converted at approximately 150 C with a conversion over 70%.

Temperatures above 150 C result in a declining conversion percentage.

Until decarboxylation occurs Cannabis is NOT considered to be psychoactive. There is in fact NO THC in Cannabins, only the acid THCA-A.

Here is a second look. This shows a starting point of near 3%. Not sure about that?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is believed to contribute to some psychosis, but suppression of THC. As a result, high CBD Cannabis provides different therapeutic benefits than high THCA-A Cannabis.

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